Bentwood rings

A unique gift

Hebble End Works

Looking for something beautiful to mark that special occassion? Whether it’s for a wedding, engagement, anniversary or just as a gift to yourself or someone else, have your own bentwood rings that have a special meaning to you or a loved created by us. Each ring is handcrafted in our studio at Hebble End, which is a canalside arcade of artists and jewellers workshops in Hebden Bridge. Choose a ready-made design or go for something truly unique and pick your own woods and inlays from our wide selection, with over 1000 combinations of styling, wood and stone inlay available, and with either metal cores* or entirely made from wood.

How we’re different

Malachite inlay ring being finished

Some wooden rings are made by drilling sections from blocks, which spoils the wood grain effect and reduces the strength. Our bentwood rings are made by heat and pressure fitting wood veneer around a template or metal core, maximising the strength of the wood by forming the natural wood grain in to a circle. This gives a durable structure and finish, and displays the wood grain in the most beautiful way. Rings are available with either a beeswax or perfect gloss polish finish.


Wood veneer is all bought from UK based companies, exotic veneers are usually bought as waste offcuts from cabinet makers. When exotic veneers are bought as new they are sourced from FSC certified companies.

* – steel cores available only in certain sizes, other metals available by special request only.

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