Custom PC builds

Why buy cheap branded PC hardware that in unlikely to maintain its performance when you can invest in a bespoke custom pc set up that works effectively and will last a lot longer? We source, build and support PC hardware for every purpose. From home and smaller businesses through to large scale data centres, we have built up an extensive knowledge of recommending and implementing computer hardware of every description.

Custom PC research


Using our experience and knowledge do away with sales pitches and corporate lingo to find you the right solution

Custom PC building

Custom PC building

Using components from trusted vendors and brands we can build you the PC that’s perfect for you, whatever your needs

Custom servers and NAS solutions

Servers and NAS

With 15 years plus working in the web hosting industry we can source, build and configure anything you may require

Whether you’re looking for a…

  • Quiet set top box
  • Fully functional media PC
  • Professional graphics workstation
  • Powerful modern gaming PC
  • Home or office network attached storage
  • Development environment for small and home office
  • Private and secure web and/or email server
  • Scalable, fast and secure cloud web hosting
  • Silent running unobtrusive desktop
  • Ultra slimline but fully functional laptop
  • Specialist “desktop replacement” laptop

…we can advise how to make your budget go further.

Unlike mass-produced systems built using lowest bidder parts, we source components from brands who have historically shown themselves to have high build quality and reliability and suppliers we trust. Brands we routinely use include (but are not restricted to):

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